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40 years of experience in the air filtration


your filtration's support

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your filtration's support


Specialists in the manufacture of supports for filter sleeves and solutions for the world of air filtration.


Low environmental impact treatment gives greater resistance and durability.


Our methods and processes for the supply of high quality products and services.


Continual research to develop new and more effective solutions in performance, quality and cost.


your filtration's support

Integrated production

From raw materials to end product, complete quality control and responsibility

Techniques and technologies

The production process evolves with product innovation

Product customization All our products can be customized

All our products can be customized

Logistics and transport

International experience and reliable networks for optimum logistics management

Research and development

Ongoing research into new solutions to improve the product and optimize production

Speed of response

Efficient handling of orders and rapid response times for the client


Ability to adapt production quickly in response to requirements


International coordination for the development of local projects

Decades of experience

CleanAir benefits from several decades of experience in the field of supports for filter sleeves, and over the years we have developed new processes and technologies to improve quality and performance.
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Highly specialised

CleanAir is the specialist in air filtration and separation, and has developed its own in-house production in order to respond to the specific requirements of various sectors which need filter sleeve cages.

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Total quality management

Internal management of the entire production process allows CleanAir to retain full control over production, ensuring product quality and reliable delivery times.

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Customer oriented

Close collaboration with engineering design studios has led us to develop an approach which is geared to the sharing of knowledge, with the aim of meeting the specific requirements of our clients.

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Our constant search for increasingly high-performing and more eco-friendly products has led to the development of Eco HPC (Ecological High Performance Coating), the first treatment specifically designed for the coating and protection of filter sleeve cages. Eco HPC has low environmental impact and is in line with rigorous criteria for protection and durability.

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Our specializations

your filtration's support

Brand Your Support: personalize your filtration support according to your system requirements.

Brand Your Components: personalize your filter sleeve cages and accessories.

Brand Your Treatments: choose the treatment and coating best suited to the use of your filter cage.

Brand Your Packaging: personalize your packaging to best protect your order.

Pre-sales assistance

Consultation and client support in designing the most suitable filter sleeve support for your specific needs


Filter sleeve supports are manufactured according to client specifications, with total internal control over

Packaging and logistics

Products are individually packaged to ensure protection during transport from the CleanAir premises to the destination indicated by the client.

After-sales assistance

Full customer service and availability for assistance in the follow-up to product delivery.


CleanAir is happy to provide further information and documentation in response to clients’ enquiries and specific requests.



Eco HPC is the brand that features the best and most important achievement in treatments for coating filter sleeve cages.

Why Eco

Drawing on CleanAir’s know-how and experience in the filtration sector, continual research into new and more effective solutions has led to the development of a low environmental impact treatment specifically formulated for the finishing and protection of filter sleeve cages.

Why HP

The treatment perfected by CleanAir gives filter sleeve supports improved performance, and therefore renders them more durable, more reliable and of higher quality.

Why C

The Eco HPC process is an electrocoating treatment which gives resistance and durability, applied using a completely automated system which is monitored at every stage, to ensure consistent quality in the end


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