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CleanAir is a manufacturing branch of Defim and specialises in the production of filter sleeve supports for industrial dust filtration. Constant research and investment are geared to creating a highly specialised and flexible structure to provide consultancy, products and services for the field of air filtration and separation.
CleanAir’s primary objective is the creation of a production process which is entirely managed within the firm, so as to retain full control and full responsibility over every stage of production and the consequent product quality.
In pursuit of this objective, CleanAir has production lines which are entirely designed and built in-house, with completely automated machinery which can manufacture any type of filter sleeve support.

To ensure a constant quality standard, CleanAir has achieved ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the ‘Manufacture of filter bag cages for industrial filtration according to customer specifications’.

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CleanAir is certified ISO 3834, part 2 (extended quality requirements), which is the certification for welding of metallic materials.

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To make our products even more outstanding, provide clients with improved products and take control also of the finishing stage, CleanAir has also installed on the premises a treatment and finishing system for our products, based on an electrocoating process using nanotechnology.
The Eco HPC treatment and electrocoating process are carried out in-house and are used exclusively for treating filter sleeve cages, thus ensuring consistently high product quality.

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40 years of experience

Clean Air is the result of more than forty years of operation and experience, always geared to research and the creation of new technological solutions.
The quest for constant improvement, not just in the product but also in the production process, means that Clean Air is today in a position to respond effectively to a wide range of criteria in terms of quantity, quality and timings.

Quality, but also flexibility and speed: Clean Air has fine-tuned its production lines to respond to large and small demands, and years of research enable us to offer products like the Eco HPC cages, but also less sophisticated alternatives.

40 years of CleanAir

What we do

demo_img2Air filtration in industrial premises is a legal requirement, but first and foremost it is a responsibility.
Clean Air is proud to be involved in this value chain which creates solutions to pollution and allows industry to continue manufacturing without damaging air quality or the quality of life of workers.

Clean Air collaborates with operators in the filtration sector at every level, from design to installation, maintenance to health and safety; thus providing not merely a quality product, but also a consultancy and assistance service for air filtration.

demo_img2 Entire ownership of the production process allows the firm to produce cages in various materials, in any shape and size, and with finishes appropriate for specific criteria of durability and resistance, with extremely rapid production times.


Manufacture itself is just one part of the value added process which makes CleanAir products outstanding. The working method fine-tuned over time involves all aspects of the value chain which culminates in the installation of filter sleeve cages within filtration systems.

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The corporate structure, associated services and filtration consultancy are implemented and fine-tuned with the starting point of products created by CleanAir. The product range, extended over the years thanks to technological developments pursued by the firm, is today extremely comprehensive and caters for the needs of various industrial applications.

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