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your filtration’s support

The filter sleeve supports created by CleanAir are dispatched all over the world, and during transport and warehousing they are often stored in adverse and widely varied atmospheric and climate conditions. To give a constant guarantee of the quality standards of CleanAir products worldwide, special packaging solutions have been developed to protect our filter sleeve cages; these come in various formats to cater for the various conditions which may be encountered at different latitudes.

FITOK certified

The FITOK brand certifies that wooden packaging has undergone heat treatment and has been subject to checks on the production process for wooden packaging and wooden components in packaging, overseen by the National Phytosanitary Service, which guarantees the correct phytosanitary treatment has been applied in compliance with FOA international standard ISPM 15.

CleanAir produces all packaging units in-house, monitoring and guaranteeing quality standards and completely customised solutions.



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