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a cleaner world

Concern for environmental issues and air quality is a major factor for the entire air filtration sector.
CleanAir contributes to safeguarding the environment not only by creating supports for the installation of air filtering systems, but also by paying maximum attention to its own in-house production processes.
The greatest achievement, not only in terms of performance in the end product, but also from the environmental perspective, is the Eco HPC treatment, entirely and exclusively developed by CleanAir, which is carried out on a continuous production line, designed to give substantial reductions in liquid and gaseous effluents deriving from the process.

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Customer oriented

It’s not just a slogan. CleanAir collaborates with OEMs and companies operating in the air filtration field, with the aim of building mutual trust and communication and allowing common objectives to be achieved with maximum efficiency.
To create a truly collaborative relationship with clients it is essential to understand the characteristics of each individual project and the criteria of product quality, timings and production costs, as well as the logistics requirements of the order. Once the objectives have been defined, CleanAir updates clients on the progress of work and involves them in the production process, providing detailed information right up until delivery to the site, and afterwards supporting clients with advice and assistance for installation.


Specialists in the creation of products and services for the world of air filtration.


Continual research to develop new and more effective solutions in performance, quality and cost.


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