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From 1974, first steps into the world of filtration

April 1974 sees the founding of Defim srl by Luigi Montanelli as a new business: Defim: metal wire derivatives. The company’s core business is metal wire, with different products for various sectors: bottle crates, sieves, conveyor belts, cages for poultry, meshes for industry and finally cages for filter sleeves, initially just one of a range of products.

1981, birth of the CleanAir brand

The CleanAir brand is introduced in the 80s to distinguish the line of filtration supports, better known as filter sleeve cages. During this time the first automatic system is installed, using electrocoating technology by anaphoresis; thus introducing the first and only new high-resistance treatment on the market.

In 2003 CleanAir specialises and expands

2003 sees the start of the CleanAir industry project. The commercial brand separates definitively from Defim Spa to become a new company, operating exclusively in the filtration sector. In the same year CleanAir Inc is founded in the United States. Also in this year the logo undergoes its first restyling, replacing the blue rectangle with a yellow sun.

In 2006 the firm continues to expand in the world

2006 sees new partnerships established and the creation of CleanAir Europe, based in Italy, and Clean Air Tech India , based in India, to serve and support local markets. The logo is further refined, with the addition of the tagline: “where the sun never sets” and a blue sky background.
In the same year research begins into development of the anaphoresis treatment; this leads to the conversion in 2008 of the in-house catalytic system to the current Eco HPC process.

2011, restructuring of the sales force and the CleanAir image

In 2011, following the internationalization of CleanAir, new partnerships and ongoing development of new products and processes, the internal sales force is strengthened and the logo is further modified, with the sun becoming a world, and the company’s online presence is increased.

2014, restructuring of the sales force and the CleanAir image

In 2014, CleanAir begins a radical rationalisation of its corporate structure, further strengthens the sales force and increases investment in the production process and research into new products and treatments.

To demonstrate CleanAir’s increasingly forward-looking approach and highly innovative strength, a new stylization of the logo transforms it completely, with the new logo evoking the company’s decades of tradition and experience while denoting a strong innovative drive in the face of present and future challenges.


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