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Recognised worldwide for the high quality of its products, as well as its unique and exclusive coating systems, today CleanAir’s undisputed leadership in the field is acknowledged by the world’s major manufacturers of filtration systems.
CleanAir filter sleeve supports are designed and produced to respond to different applications and functions: every sector served can count on CleanAir professionalism and know-how to create the most suitable filter sleeve support for its needs.
Shape, size, materials, treatments and finishes differentiate the various filter sleeve cages and determine their optimum use.


Cleanair offers a series of advantages:
The only company to offer expert advice, finding a solution for any problem by identifying the most appropriate cage which will maintain the filter sleeve for the longest possible time.
A good client-supplier relationship, including checks on the need for regular replacement of cages, with undeniable advantages in terms of less wear and tear on sleeves and/or unexpected shut-downs.
The possibility of cutting costs by purchasing directly from the manufacturer.
CleanAir filter sleeve supports are produced on the basis of specific requirements from the client; their sections are variable in size and shape, summarised by the following:

– round
– square
– octagonal
– star-shape
– rhomboidal
– rectangular

The length of CleanAir cages goes up to 7 metres in a single piece or longer in 2 or 3 sections, and diameters range from 100 mm to 185 mm.


Particular filters may necessitate cages with specific shapes and dimensions: the flexibility of the CleanAir systems and the team’s technical know-how enable us to create bespoke solutions to your requirements.

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