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Brand Your Components

CleanAir supplies an extensive range of components and accessories for customizing filter sleeve cages, in order to respond as closely as possible to the specific needs of various applications.

For the first time in the market, CleanAir, fully dedicated to the production of filter cages, introduces a complete, innovative full range of accessories to personalize the filter cage under the new brand BYC – Brand your component.

A clear and well defined segregation by family: Bottom cups, collar, joint systems and Venturi makes it easier for the customer to select among the multiplicity of available solution.

Inside each family, new solutions and product, will constantly be introduced to follow the evolution of the market and the customer’s needs.

The CleanAir lab is working closely with R&D laboratories of University, suppliers and research institute to meet the current and the future markets needs.

With the introduction of the Brand BYC CleanAir wants to simplify and facilitate the work of its customers by introducing four families of well defined product: Bottom cups, collar, joint systems and Venturi. For each family were identified the most commonly used component and have been produced data sheets with 3d renders, 2d drawings, and dimension table reporting different finishing.

Our technical department will be happy to give you more detail about our innovative solution.

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