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Brand Your Pack

The filter sleeve supports created by CleanAir are dispatched all over the world, and during transport and warehousing they are often stored in adverse and widely variable atmospheric and climate conditions.

To give a constant guarantee of the quality standards of CleanAir products worldwide, special packaging solutions have been developed to protect our filter sleeve cages; these come in different formats to cater for the various conditions which may be encountered at different latitudes.
CleanAir packaging consists of a rigid and a flexible component, which combine to protect the filter sleeve cages from both atmospheric agents and mechanical shock and pressure.
Depending on the requirements of individual clients and projects, CleanAir proposes a range of solutions for packaging filtration supports; these may differ according to the type of material used to manufacture the product, the destination and the transport criteria stipulated by the client.

Brand Your Pack means:

  • Packaging solutions can be completely customised
  • Different truck/container solutions for multiple destinations
  • A wide range of accessories to facilitate transport
  • Definition and optimization of packaging solutions to minimise transport costs.

A service which is completely dedicated to the movement and transportation of filter sleeve cages, which can guarantee product quality all the way to the destination, anywhere in the world.

CleanAir produces all packaging units in-house, monitoring and guaranteeing quality standards and completely customised solutions.