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Thanks to our knowledge and long- lasting experience in the field of filter bag cages, and after being in direct contact with customers, understanding their needs and requirements, we have developed our solution to supply a proper packaging for samples’ shipment. After a careful and deep study, CleanAir Europe is pleased to introduce T-box, finally the perfect packaging suitable to this kind of product and safety during the transport.

T-Box to ship filter cages


In order to replace the previous packaging, appearing too bulky, heavy and expensive, we have decided to study something easier to carry and to storage, reducing both needed space and costs.

With T- box solution the filter bag can be included into the cardboard package together with the cage, this aspect allows to supply easily the combination bag- cage directly to the final customer.


The cage has been fastened into the T- box in a proper way to prevent any possible damage during the transport. The external side of the cardboard package is strong and long- lasting, with enough thickness to guarantee resistance against deformations and accidental impacts. At the far end of the T-Box, to grant a better resistance, two plastic plugs are applied in order to strengthen both fastening and impermeability.

Technical Features

The thickness and the resistance of the T-Box make it practical and easy to be handled thanks to the high quality raw material used for its production. Furthermore T-box is an eco- friendly and non-toxic product, fully recyclable. Therefore it can be re-used several times or disposed of in a quick and green way.


According to our customers’ needs, we can offer a complete tailor made item. In order to provide a wider customization of the product, CleanAir Europe is able to supply the T-Box following size and color required by the customers. Along with being sized in accordance with the different requirements, it can be customized through prints and logos, fulfilling all the different graphical requests.

The product, whether neutral or custom made, can be stored in our facilities (according to a minimum production batch).

We are constantly committing to provide the best product on the market and to grant a full service supply which can meet all the needs under lead time, quality and quantity points of view. CleanAir Europe is a mark of quality and reliability you can always lean on


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